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Table Discussions, round 1, 11:10–11:30

1. Is it inclusion or illusion? – How to reach young­sters?
Diana Baranyi (Eurodesk Hungary)
Zsófia Bertalan (Europass  Hungary)
Zoom breakout room 1

2. Mobility for ALL – Tools to make mobility programmes more inclusive
Ángeles Fernández Melón (Europass Spain)
Zoom breakout room 2

3. The show must go on(line)  — Apps to telework and build your online presence, Using chat bots for youth service
Gheorghe Kraszuk (Eurodesk EU)
Zoom breakout room 3

4. Joining forces for inclusive Erasmus+ student mobility
Karien Coppens (Euroguidance Netherlands)
Gusta Tavecchio (Erasmus+ Netherlands)
Zoom breakout room 4

5. A shared learning environment for Eures, Euroguidance, Eurodesk and Europass
Erik van den Broek (Europass Netherlands)



Table Discussions, round 2, 11:40–12:00

6. Access for young people with impair­ments and chronic health condi­tions into mixed ability mobility projects
Klaus Waiditschka (Eurodesk Germany)
Zoom breakout room 1

7. EU web tools supporting asylum seekers and refugees training and job insertion
Valeria Scalmato
(Europass Italy)
Valentina Benni (Euroguidance Italy
Zoom breakout room 2

8. Online youth infor­mation — tools and formats for connecting and informing (young) people online
Alena Brunner (Eurodesk Austria)
Zoom breakout room 3

9. Euroopportunities board game
Wawrzyniec Pater (Eurodesk Poland
Zoom breakout room 4