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Themes of the Conference

The support of mobility is at the centre of the Learning by Leaving networks. Learners and workers need the appro­priate infor­mation, guidance and means to document their compe­tences to success­fully take part in the European education and labour market.

The focus of the 2020 conference is inclusion in mobility. How can we best support learners and workers with special needs, including those from under­priv­i­leged backgrounds and migrants? Are our existing tools and infor­mation suffi­cient or do we need to make changes to make successful mobility achievable for everyone.

The conference will have a range of plenary sessions, workshops and networking oppor­tu­nities. Participants will have the possi­bility to share infor­mation, innov­ative tools and practices, get ideas for new (transna­tional) projects and formulate recom­men­da­tions and feedback.


Image: © Sergey Nivens — Fotolia