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Europe is on a steep learning curve – and we needed this.
Europe was leaping behind in terms of virtual learning environment.
We might come out stronger out of the crisis, in terms of new forms of learning.”


(Ernst Gesslbauer)




Cooperation helps to make full use of the networks’ possi­bil­ities by learning from each other.”


(Carin Dániel Ramírez-Schiller)




It’s a challenging time, the world has shifted.


But there are also oppor­tu­nities opening up for some fresh thinking.


(Alison Crabb)




No one is a system error
and every person, regardless of gender,


color, religion, origin, skin color, disability or sexual orien­tation,
should have a chance to find their calling.


(Ali Mahlodji)




THANK you Ali for sharing your experi­ences and reaching out to young­sters and multipliers.”


Very inspiring! In Ireland, we invite young people from disad­van­taged backgrounds who went abroad to volunteer to share their experience and their story with other young people. Peer-to-peer learning works best”


What are your takeaways from Day 1 of the conference?


  • New digital experience to share practices
  • Good role models are important to broaden partic­i­pation in mobility
  • There is still lots to do in the area of inclusion, we also need to think about inclusion of people with disabil­ities… and inclusion In the context of Covid 19
  • Life stories and whatchado platform
  • Creative outreach approaches to reach students with disabilities
  • Greatest motivator: finding a person who believes in you
  • Necessity to boost mobility for people with fewer opportunities/special needs
  • Mixed ability exchanges… important focus!
  • A new online tool which helps migrants and asylum seekers to search for jobs in an easier way
  • We need to learn how to ask the right question!
  • Lots of oppor­tu­nities as we work closely together and combine all the expertise
  • Think positive, Start to ask good questions 🙂
  • We need to think about mobility post-Covid
  • What is inclusive mobility?
  • Inspiration, how mobility experience is important in life
  • Thinking about mobility from a new lens
  • As Ali said, be thankful. So we should be thankful we can do this (have a digital conference) in these times…
  • Amazing work, thank you! I look forward to tomorrow 🙂
  • A most enjoyable virtual learning experience!:) Seamless!
  • Great organi­zation of this conference behind a performing technology!
  • Everything is going so smoothly. There must be a lot of background work!