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Cultural programme

Explore the Gothic Cathedral Cologne declared a World Heritage Site in 1996 from uncommon perspec­tives and get familiar with the brewing culture of the local beer the so called “Kölsch”.
You can choose either the Brewery tour or one of the tours in Cologne Cathedral. After the tours it is also planned to have dinner together at a tradi­tional Cologne brewery. The tours are free, drinks and meals have to be paid by yourself.

Please note that the tours have a limited number of partic­i­pants. You will be informed at the conference which tour you can attend.

1. Brewery tour
Explore Cologne’s historic centre, experience the cities famous brewing tradition and learn every­thing there is to know about the local way of enjoying a glass of refreshing Kölsch. The guided tour of approx­i­mately 2 hours is free, drinks have to be paid by yourself.

Cologne Cathedral Tours

2. On the roof of Cologne Cathedral
Climb the roof of Cologne Cathedral and explore tower rooms above the city with depots and workshops. Let yourself be overwhelmed by one of the most spectacular views that Cologne has to offer. The tour will take 1,5 hours and is free. Please note that it is indis­pensable to be free from giddiness. As the use of the construction hoist cannot be guaranteed, you may need to climb 240 steps on foot.

3. The Bells of Cologne Cathedral
Even in the Middle Ages, the bells of the Cologne Cathedral were famous for their harmonic sound and their dimension. The tour offers you the possi­bility to explore the technical aspects and the history of casting bells and to experience – of course with ear protection – the ringing of the bells at close range. The tour will take approx­i­mately 1,5 hours. Please note that you will have to climb 270 steps on foot and that it is recom­mended to be free from giddiness.

4. The Excavations
Today’s gothic cathedral stands in a long tradition. Emerging from Roman residential devel­opment it is one of the oldest Christian centers outside the Mediterranean. Walk through the mighty founda­tions of the South Tower for a tour through 2000 years of Cologne’s city history and gain an impression of the great achieve­ments of the medieval master builders. The tour will take approx­i­mately 1,5 hours.

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