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Themes of the Conference

Enabling successful mobility experi­ences

Connecting people, ideas + oppor­tu­nities

The Learning by Leaving Conference 2018 will focus on the different aspects of mobility guidance and validation of skills acquired by going abroad. These aspects will be discussed during workshops, plenary sessions and other formats in order to elaborate the potential of cooper­ation within and between the networks.

MOTIVATION and INFORMATION – Creating awareness
How do the mobility networks reach their target groups? How do they motivate and inform them? Which infor­mation has to be provided and through which channels? How is infor­mation shared among the networks?

TRAINING and QUALIFICATION – Professionalising ourselves
Which compe­tences do counsellors need to
a) success­fully counsel target groups?
b) cope with changes due to digital­i­sation (e.g. e-guidance and online courses) and fast-changing labour markets?
Which measures exist to train mobility experts?

GUIDANCE PROCESSESIdentifying oppor­tu­nities
How do mobility experts need to counsel/advise their target groups? Which methods, formats and tools are available? Does quality assurance exist? If so, what does it look like?

HUMAN SKILLSHelping assess experi­ences
How can target groups better assess skills they developed through mobility? How can these skills be made more visible?

Which tools exist to certify acquired skills of target groups?

Image: © Sergey Nivens — Fotolia