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Table Discussions, round 1, 11:10–11:30

1. Is it inclusion or illusion? – How to reach young­sters?
Diana Baranyi (Eurodesk Hungary)
Zsófia Bertalan (Europass  Hungary)

2. Mobility for ALL – Tools to make mobility programmes more inclusive
Ángeles Fernández Melón (Europass Spain)

3. The show must go on(line)  — Apps to telework and build your online presence, Using chat bots for youth service
Gheorghe Kraszuk (Eurodesk EU)

4. Joining forces for inclusive Erasmus+ student mobility
Karien Coppens (Euroguidance Netherlands)
Gusta Tavecchio (Erasmus+ Netherlands)

5. A shared learning environment for Eures, Euroguidance, Eurodesk and Europass
Erik van den Broek (Europass Netherlands)



Table Discussions, round 2, 11:40–12:00

6. Access for young people with impair­ments and chronic health condi­tions into mixed ability mobility projects
Klaus Waiditschka (Eurodesk Germany)

7. EU web tools supporting asylum seekers and refugees training and job insertion
Valeria Scalmato
(Europass Italy)
Valentina Benni (Euroguidance Italy

8. Online youth infor­mation — tools and formats for connecting and informing (young) people online
Alena Brunner (Eurodesk Austria)

9. Euroopportunities board game
Wawrzyniec Pater (Eurodesk Poland