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WS 1. DINAMO — A Distance Training on Mobility in Guidance



The workshop will introduce and discuss the e‑training tool DINAMO, including four modules to support and train guidance professionals:

1. The presen­tation of the challenges of mobility

2. The use of European tools that promote mobility (ECTS, Erasmus+, Europass, etc.)

3. Various forms that mobility can take throughout life

4. Development of mobility advice for guidance professionals.

Yvan Couallier, Euroguidance France 

Yvan Couallier is a psychol­ogist guidance advisor, engaged with the Euroguidance Network since 7 years. At the International Guidance Centre in Lyon, France, he helps students to manage their project abroad. He also trains profes­sionals in the field of guidance, by using the online platform DINAMO.

Isabelle Dekeister, Euroguidance France 

Isabelle Dekeister is a guidance psychol­ogist since 2003 in Lille. She works at the Information and Guidance Centre (CIO) of the French National Education and for Euroguidance France for 7 years.  She is involved in infor­mation, guidance counselling and support for students and profes­sionals around mobility and in training for guidance practi­tioners. She partic­i­pated in the devel­opment of the DINAMO online training course.

WS 2. Euro-Quest — Promoting Educational Mobility Across Europe


The workshop will facil­itate an open discussion about how all four of our networks (Europass, Eurodesk, Euroguidance, Eures) could work together to support inclusion in mobility, exploring current practice and future possibilities.

The following two examples will be presented:

Euro-Quest”, developed by Euroguidance Ireland /NCGE, is a resource for Secondary Level students in Ireland. It is a new, free to use blended learning programme, designed for Transition Year students, promoting educa­tional mobility across Europe.

The “Time to Move Eurodesk Europe-wide campaign informs young people and those who work with them about oppor­tu­nities to work, study, train and volunteer in Europe.

Orla Ní Cheallaigh, NCGE, Euroguidance Ireland

Orla Ní Cheallaigh is a Guidance Counsellor who holds the position of ‘Euroguidance Officer’ in NCGE. She has worked with young people in schools for 10 years as a guidance counsellor, programme co-ordinator, and language teacher.

Malgorzata Fiedot Davies, Eurodesk Ireland

Malgorzata Fiedot Davies has been working as the Eurodesk Ireland Coordinator with Léargas, the National Agency of Erasmus+, since 2003. She studied languages and liter­ature and enjoys commu­ni­cating, networking and creating links between people and organisations.

WS 3. Future Time Traveller  — Digital Inclusion in Career Guidance for Generation Z

future time traveller

The future is now, and as the world is devel­oping faster than ever before through techno­logical advance­ments this has brought new possi­bil­ities to the world of career guidance and devel­opment. Digital innova­tions create oppor­tu­nities to empower young people, improve society and grow economies. Individuals risk falling behind if they do not have the right skills to adapt and businesses will struggle to innovate and grow if they cannot find appro­pri­ately skilled workers. The Future Time Traveller project, a career game in 3D virtual world for exploring the future trends, jobs and skills, is committed to trans­forming the lives of Generation Z through career guidance that incor­po­rates innov­ative and immersive games-based learning scenarios for preparing the next gener­ation for the jobs of the future. 

This ‘Innovation workshop’ will discuss the impor­tance and potential of game-based career guidance in discov­ering the jobs of the future; the skills young people will need in an increas­ingly digitised world and how to incor­porate such technology into your provision. It will include a demon­stration of (with the option to try) the ‘Future Time traveller’ game we have developed which allows young people to explore the range of jobs that could exist in the Year 2050! 

Felix J Prince Kankwamba, Aspire-international, Euroguidance UK

Felix J Prince Kankwamba works for Aspire igen in Bradford, the largest careers and training organ­i­sation in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Felix studied both his BA (Politics & Peace) and MA (Media Studies) in the city and just completed a MSc (Management with Marketing). Felix has a passion for young people having worked in alter­native and higher Education for over 10 years, organ­ising volun­teering oppor­tu­nities abroad and leading prison art courses.